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Ongoing Basic Courses at KEPA
Ongoing Basic Courses at KEPA
Enhancing the quality and standard of training is the task with us with prime importance; it helps us to build a force that can safeguard our society, fighting with the challenges of the day. So ...READ MORE
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Welcome to The Kerala Police Academy

The training establishment of Kerala Police has come a long way since the Police Training School of Travancore state in 1882 and the Police Training College at Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) that has been in existence since 1943. Travancore Maharaja Visakham Thirunal established Trivandrum Police Training School in 1882 to train police forces of Travancore. Primary training like physical drills, martial arts and language training were given, primarily to senior police officials of Travancore Royal Police.

When Kerala was formed on November1, 1952, the whole Police Force of Kerala came under IGP Kerala. In 1949, office of the Inspector General of Police functioned from Public office near Museum Thiruvananthapuram. It was shifted to the present building (Dilkhush Bunglow) in 1956. It was then called Chief office. The post of IGP changed to Director General of Police, Kerala and the term Police Headquarters was introduced in the year 1982. During 2011 the post of Director General of Police changed to State Police Chief.


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The Combined Passing Out Parade of Sub Inspectors and Women Police Constables
The Combined Passing Out Parade of 37 Sub Inspectors and 371 Women Police Constables are scheduled to be conducted on 25.11.2016, 07.00am at Kerala Police Academy, Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur. READ MORE
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XXVII Batch Recruit Driver Police Constables Passing Out Parade
XXVII Batch Recruit Driver Police Constables Passing Out Parade
The combined Passing Out Parade of  Recruit Armed Police Constables  from KAP 1, KAP2 & KAP5 Battalion (414 Nos).  And  the XXVII Batch Recruit Driver Police Constables (103 Nos) of Kerala Police Academy were conducted at  the Passing Out Parade ground ...READ MORE
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Kerala Police Academy News Letter
Kerala Police Academy News Letter
The first Edition of Kerala Police Academy News Letter revealed by Shri. S. Suresh, IPS Inspector General of Police [Training] READ MORE
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