BPR&D Supported Training

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BPR&D Supported Training

  With the progress of science and technology over the past few years, cases of cyber-crime have increased phenomenally. This has enhanced the importance of Computer forensics in the cyber world.

       Cyber forensics, sometimes referred to as computer forensic science, is a special branch of digital forensic science that deals with legal evidence accessed from computers and digital media. The goal of digital forensic programs is to examine digital media in detail with the aim of storing, recovering, examining and presenting factual evidence and opinions thereof, about the information.

         The battle against cyber-crime is one that can be handled at one go. The person handling such a case needs to be professionally qualified and well versed in  technology and associated devices, in order to utilize the same in the investigation of  crimes. In this basis Kerala Academy sheduled to conduct Bureau of Police Research and Development  supported courses on Cyber Crime Investigation under  Developing Specialist Investigators plan

Class Schedule

First Session  – 15th  to 25th January 2018

Second session – 29th January to 8th February 2018

Third session – 12th  to 23rd February 2018