Mission & Vision

To prepare police persons with the utmost level of professional standards and to provide the state of Kerala with skilled police officers who are conscientious, knowledgeable, competent and approachable to the needs of the public.

The training will aim to improve the proficiency and keenness of the trainees and inculcate in them those habits of health, activity, discipline, self reliance. Honesty, dignity of labour, keen observation, courtesy and straightforwardness in the execution of their work, which are essential to a police officers.

To conduct refresher and capsule courses for In-service police officers to update their professional knowledge and skills.

To motivate and enable the trainees of induction, in-service and orientation courses to become service oriented professionals.

Prepare police persons to serve and protect all the people of Kerala with “Mredu Bhave Drida Krithye”
(Polite in Behavior but firm in action) as their motto.