Passing Out Parade of 27th Batch Sub Inspectors

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Passing Out Parade of 27th Batch Sub Inspectors

Passing out parade of 27th batch Sub Inspectors is scheduled to be held on 21st march 2015. Hon’ble minister for Home and Vigilance Shri Ramesh Chennithala has kindly consented to receive the salute. 12 months basic training of the 27th batch Sub Inspector trainees is as per the revised syllabus vide GO (P) No. 174/2013/Home dated 05-07-2013. The revised syllabus of the Sub inspector training is based on the recommendations laid down by the committee constituted under the supervision of SVPNPA. It includes 15 days Commando Training at Commando Training School, Chennai, Cost guard Training, Sensitization modules, revised Outdoor training modules by incorporating BPET’s and training in advanced weapons.

The training module consists of an integrated training approach, that is, to fill the gap between theory and practice or the practical application of the theoretical knowledge – what they have learnt from the academy.

They are trained for both physically and mentally fit to meet with the challenges of law enforcement in the present scenario. They are trained in the soft skill development, management and leadership techniques etc.

So that they can be Polite in Behavior but firm in action