Kerala follows an unique System of Recruitment, so far as Recruitment of the Sub Inspectors (General Executive, Armed Reserve, and Armed Police Battalion) and the Police Constables (except Technical/Semi-technical Categories like, Drivers, Band PCs, Carpenter PCs, etc). According to the Recruitment Methodology, the Sub Inspectors in all the three Categories are recruited by the Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC). In the case of Constables also, the recruitment is also done by the the KPSC, and that too, only for the Armed Police Battalions.

In the case of Police Constables, the vacancies are reported to the Kerala Public Service Commission from the Armed Police Battalions, and in the case of Sub Inspectors, from the Police Headquarters. On the basis of the same, the KPSC on notification, receives applications from qualified candidates and selects them through competitive written test, physical test and interview. In the case of Police Constables, only written test and Physical Test are carried out. The candidates are appointed on the basis of rank lists prepared by the Public Service Commission.

(A) Police Constables:  After being selected by the Public Service Commission, the selected Recruit Police Constables undergo training in various Armed Police Battalions and the premier Training Institution, the Kerala Police Academy, and, after passing out, join as Armed Police Battalion Police Constables in Battalions. They are then eligible to be transferred to the Armed Reserve (AR) Camps of the Districts, subject to arisal of vacancies in the Armed Reserve Camps.

The Police Constables of the Armed Reserve in each District are filled by the transfer from the respective feeder Battalions based on Options and Seniority. Again, the Police Constables of Armed Reserve will be transferred to the Local Police, based on the same criteria, in due course.

This practice is helpful in keeping the Battalions manned by younger and energetic Constables, and the Armed Reserve and Local with more matured and experienced Police Personnel.

(B) Sub Inspector of Police

Direct Recruitment is only to three categories in Kerala Police

(i)      General Executive

(ii)     Armed Reserve

(iii)     Armed Police Battalions

          (i) General Executive (SI, Local Police)

50% of the vacancies are filled by promotion from among Assistant Sub Inspectors of General Executive by the DPB. The remaining 50% is by direct recruitment through the Kerala Public Service Commission, out of which 10% is reserved for qualified Police personnel and 10% for qualified Ministerial Staff of the Police Department.

          (ii) Armed Reserve (SI, Armed Reserve) – (RSI)

50% of the posts are filled up by direct recruitment and 50% by     promotion. The rules of recruitment of Sub Inspector of Police, General Executive, are applicable to Armed Reserve Sub Inspectors also.

          (iii) Armed Police Battalion (SI, AP Battalion) – (APSI)

25% of direct recruitment through Public Service Commission of which     10% are reserved for Police Constables/Head Constables. The rest will be filled up by promotion.