Training Facilities

Conference Hall [SYAMANTHAKAM]


Kerala Police Academy Conference Hall is fully air-conditioned and is provided with multimedia projector, High Speed Internet, Public Address System and other Audio-Visual devices required for presenting the information. 100 executive chairs arranged on this conference hall. It is the venue of all important Seminars, Conferences, and Panel Discussions etc.

Janamaithri Hall [Nalanda & Thakshashila]


Kerala Police Academy have Two well equipped Air Conditioned Seminar Halls. Seminar hall-I (NALANDA) and Seminar hall-II (THAKSHASHILA) Two Seminar hall can accommodate 200 persons per each.

Smart Class Rooms


The Kerala Police Academy has 19 Lecture Halls out of which 4 are Air conditioned. The Lecture Halls are having PA system, modern audio-visual equipments. The Lecture halls are Lecture Hall – I [SANDEEPANI], Lecture Hall – II [VIKRAMASILA], Lecture Hall –III [AVANTIKA], Lecture Hall –IV [KANCHI], Lecture Hall –V [MANIKARNIKA], Lecture Hall –VI [SAKETHAM], Lecture Hall –VII [MADHURA], Lecture Hall – VIII [MANDAKINI], Lecture Hall –IX [ALAKANANDA], Lecture Hall – X [BHAGEERATHI], Lecture Hall – XI [KALINDI], Lecture Hall –XII [SARASWATHI], Lecture Hall –XIII [PAYASWINI], Lecture Hall –XIV [VITASTA], Lecture Hall –XV [SHATADRU], Lecture Hall –XVI   [ SINDU], Lecture Hall –XVII[SHONABHADRA], Lecture Hall – XVII [KAVERI] and Lecture Hall –XIX [SARAYU]

Computer Lab



The Kerala Police Academy has three well established Computer Labs. These are Computer Lab-I [ARYABHATA],Computer lab – II [VARAHAMIHIRA] and Computer lab-III [ BHASKARACHAYA]. All Trainees and participants of in-service courses are given training on use of Computers. The Academy has more than 300 P.Cs. Multi-Media computers with DLP projection facilities are available in all the class-rooms and the conference halls. Computers are also installed in all the Offices of KEPA and all the faculty members are also provided with Computers in their offices. All the sections of the KEPA are connected through LAN. Dedicated Internet connection through a 2Mbps leased line is also available in the Academy for 24 hr Internet access to Trainees, participants of various In-service Courses and faculty members. The Academy has some of the latest software for office automation and training which include Microsoft Back Office, MS-Office 2007, Adobe products like Page makers, Photo-shop, etc. In addition, the Academy also has some specialized Police softwares like Portrait Building,CIPA, CCTNS, etc.


Library-1 Library-2

The Library Block containing a reading room has a wide spectrum of reference material like Encyclopedias and literary compendiums. The library books, journals, media and training resources have been computerized are available on the intranet.A data centre is also operational in the Library Block.

Model Police Station

Model-Policestationmodel policestation

A model Police Station functions from KEPA campus. The Police Station is equipped with all requisite station records and gadgets. The trainees are required to run the Police Station in rotation and get a hands-on experience in all station duties such as SHO, sentry, station writer, investigator, beat and patrolmen etc.

State Forensic Science Lab

FSL1 (1) FSL3 (1)
The Forensic Block is meant to impart training to the cadets in Scientific aids to investigation, Finger prints / Foot prints, Portrait building and simulated scene of crime.

Aquatic Training Centre


The Kerala Police Academy swimming pool is having an area of 0.5acres with diving stand.The foundation stone was laid by Shri .Kodiyeri Balakrishnan Hon’ble Minister for home ,Vigilance and Tourism in the presence of Shri. Raman Srivastava IPS DGP,Kerala and Shri.Jaccob Punnoose IPS,ADGP (Training).It was inaugurated by Shri. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan Hon’ble Minister for Home, Kerala in the presence of Shri. C N Balakrishnan Hon’ble Minister for Co-operation, Kerala,Shri.Therambil Ramakrishnan MLA,Shri.I P Paul Worshipful Mayor, Shri.Premsanker IPS,DGP and Director, KEPA and Shri. Jose George IPS IGP(Trg). The swimming pool constructed by the KPHCC in the global standards consisting water purifying unit, chlorine mixing unit, Dressing Room and separate latrines for male and females. And is being the facility of 50 cadets imparting training at a time.

Crime Scene Simulator

Crime-Musium-1 Crime-Musium-3

The crime scene simulation lab was established in KEPA to acquaint the trainees about heinous offences such as theft, decoity, bank robbery, domestic crimes, rape, traffic accidents, bomb explosions, kidnapping & offences involving corporeal injuries. The cell helps the trainees to develop an in depth understanding about the scene of crime and vision & imaginative skill as investigation officers. A comprehensive mock crime scene is prepared & all necessary material is planted in consonance with the particular offence. This exercise is executed with the same level of dedication & involvement as displayed in live handling of a crime scene, collection of evidence & nabbing the culprits. No unnecessary and frivolous activity is permitted during the study of crime scene and the trainees are taught to pursue a pin pointed approach to solve the case. Intensive efforts are put to form a vital bond of association amongst the trainees, the trainers & the deride crime scene. The procedure involves lifting samples of blood stained (body fluids) material, other important residuals of great evidentiary value & preparing memos their off. For selecting appropriate case various case files of heinous offences from across the state are collected in this cell for the purpose of training. The crime scene lab is located in the main block of KEPA & is manned by experienced and technically qualified staff and police officers.

Driving Simulator


Advanced simulators at Kerala Police Academy are used to train and test techniques, skills and speed-of-response under safe conditions. The simulator uses computer software to mimic real life road situations and it enables the trainees to respond according to the drivers inputs. In-house simulator training helps the trainees in familiarizing with the controls of the car, learn correct driving practices and gives him the initial confidence before he learns to drive the car on the road.

Firing Simulator

Firing-Simulator-2 Firing-Simulator-1

This simulator has been installed at the academy. The system is fully computerized and window based application with latest features like all small arms from Pistol to LMG and direct fire weapons like Rocket launcher, up to eight simultaneous fires (video based scenarios, 3D CGI Based Scenarios, Realistic sound Simulation, Static Target Applications, Moving Target applications , Snap Target Applications, Grouping, Record and playback a training session, Extensive Individual and Team Report, Minimum System Requirements. Presently Trainees and officers are being imparted training of firing at this. This prestigious system has four lane training system, is air pressure operated and is based on laser technology thus resulting in less cost as compared to conventional ammunition and more effective too.

Firing Range

Kerala Police Academy have a 300yard firing range and two miniature ranges, One is specially designed for Track & Skeet shooting.


Gym1 Gym2

An international standard gymnasium hall was established at Kerala Police Academy on 2004. Equipped with the latest equipment like ten station multiple Gym, modern tread mill (cardiovascular), upright bike, stepper, massage chair, vibrator belt, lat pully, bench press, vertical knee rise, and services including, group exercise, personal training and other aerobic exercises, the Gymnasium caters to the physical fitness needs of the trainees. Around 60 persons can avail the facilities of the gym at a time on 75 different types of exercise machines.

Parade Grounds


The Kerala Police Academy has five parade grounds. One of them have a passing out pavilion. There are 8 changing rooms and toilet facility in the pavilion which is also called Passing Out Parade Ground. The Academy has one standard size Foot Ball ground, 3 Volley Ball Courts and, 1 Basket Ball courts, 6 Badminton Courts one of which has the facility of flood lights.