Welfare Initiatives

Subsidiary Central Police Canteen

As per GO (MS)No176/11/11 dated 08/08/2011 a Subsidiary Central Police Canteen started at Kerala Police Academy for the police persons of Thrissur District and it was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister for Home and Vigilance Kerala , Shri. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan on 23.04.2012. The canteen is having an area of 7000sqft consisting of 4 bill counters. Home appliances, Computer Peripheral &Electronic items like USB, Head phone, UPS, Mobile Phone, LCD & TVs, Textiles, Cosmetics, Crockery, Utensils, Stationary items, Groceries, Vegetables and Bakery Items are available at CPC for Police, Excise ,Fire and Rescue Forces and retired personnel from above

Kshema Nikethan Units

Kerala Police Academy one of the leading training institutions in India have taken ample measures to provide timely needed welfare incentives to the inmates and trainees of KEPA.

Bakery:- Bakery function here with a motive to provide quality and standard snacks and confectionery to the inmates of Kerala Police Academy. It also provides job opportunity to the family members of Kerala Police Academy.

Chappathy making Machines:- Kerala Police Academy has installed a latest chapathy machine to prepare and provide sufficient quality chapathy to the trainees and residents of KEPA.

Water purification Plant:- A well-equipped water purification plant is constructed with a motive to give sufficient pure drinking water to the trainees and others staying at Kerala Police Academy.

Floor Mill:-Floor Mill is another welfare unit established at KEPA. It helps to provide sufficient floor to the different messes and canteen at Kerala Police Academy.

Tailoring Unit:-Tailoring unit give job opportunity to the many residents of Kerala Police Academy. It helps the trainees to get their uniforms and dress stitched in time.

Creche:- Situated near main residence area, creche provides space for little kids where they spent their day time learning to write, sing and play with toys, rides and audio and video presentations.